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Fleet & Workshop Information

  • 13 vehicles in our fleet from 16 to 70 seat

  • In-house workshop quarters to repair up to 3 vehicles at any one time

  • We carry out our own maintenance programme by our 2 qualified mechanics/electrician

  • Heavy lifting equipment and repair facilities

  • Tools to cater for the most demanding tasks

  • Every 6 weeks our vehicles are inspected for defects and rectified accordingly

  • Driver's daily safety checks carried out to each vehicle before leaving the depot

Maintenance Staff

  • Norman & Tai are our two maintenance staff working as a team. Their responsibility is to ensure the fleet remain on the road.


  • They are extremely particular both in the safety aspect and the bodywork of our fleet is maintained to the highest standard.


  • They pride themselves in the work they do by striving to achieve the very best result enabling long term reliability.


  • They are submitted in keeping to a strict programme of a vehicle maintenance system, reporting and repairing all defects then documenting them on our computerised Vehicle Maintenance System (VMS).


  • Norman has over 30 years of vehicle maintenance experience in mechanics,electrical and bodywork.


  • Tai has over 20 years experience in vehicle maintenance and is an authorised vehicle inspector by VOSA.